A Christmas Gift of Love

Tribute To Our Puppy Dog Candy

I prayed for a dog and saw in a vision a sweet little collie puppy with a red bow around her neck sitting at the door outside my home. Little did I know that when my husband and I went to a business fair that there would be someone selling puppies. The puppies, we were told, could be order through them and they could get us exactly what we wanted. Not being knowledgeable about purchasing a purebred, we told them what we wanted and gave them $100 as a deposit. I was working at the time and we had to use the money I was going to pay the rest of the cost for the puppy upon delivery. It was $300 more or else we lost the deposit. The other thing was… we weren’t sure our landlord would allow us to have a dog. We had been renting a house with a fenced in backyard. When we approached the landlord about this request. He said it was fine, go ahead and get the dog.

Handling a home, children and a job, turned out to be too much for me so I left my job. My husband said, “Well it looks like we won’t be able to afford the puppy”. But, God had other plans. My dad and I were speaking on the phone and he said, “I want to send you some money to help out your family.” I told him no, everything was find. It wasn’t his custom to give us money to help out, so our conversation ended with, “thanks dad everything is fine”. Not a week later, I received a check in the mail for exactly $300. My dad didn’t know a thing about the puppy we were hoping to get; yet God had other plans. My husband said, “Well we have the rest of the money for the puppy lets get it even though we could have used the money for other things”.

We went ahead and paid the rest of the money to get our puppy. We had put our deposit for our puppy down months before Christmas. Yet, a beautiful fluffy puppy was placed in my lap with a Red Bow around her neck a couple of weeks before Christmas. I had months before seen this special puppy sitting at our door with a red bow around her neck and there she was. Not planned to be bought around Christmas, but that is how it worked out. And so Candy became our very special little girl dog, our Christmas gift from God. She had special eyes … angel eyes. The kindest, sweetest dog anyone could want. She was very loving, and loved everyone, especially little children, older people and even animals. She would play and pray with us every day. She would wait to say hello to someone walking with a little child. She was very loved and cared about and never was mean to anyone. We named here Candy and her name fit her well through all the years. The sweetest dog ever. Candy lived to be 12 years old and just a few weeks before Christmas of 1999 she went home to be with the Lord and is in heaven now running and playing. We miss her very much and her beautiful Angel Eyes. Some day we will see her again. So until then, “May the Lord Keep you and bless you” my little puppy dog Candy.

A real life story by Marilyn Marinelli